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At Home TMJ Pain Relief in Fishers, IN

By June 13, 2023November 17th, 2023No Comments

At Home TMJ Pain Relief | Chiropractor for TMJ in Fishers, IN

So one of the most common things we see in our clinic as we stated was the Temporal Mandibular Joint being out of alignment which is called TMJ.

Massage Technique for TMJ Pain

And two muscles around that joint that have a major play in that are the pterygoid muscle which is an egg shaped muscle along the temple. And then we have the masseter muscle which is along the jaw line. One of the easy exercises to do at home would be if you have a showerhead that is shooting down on you with warm water, simply take your hands and you would massage like in an A shaped pattern. So you’re massaging that pterygoid muscle with the water hitting it, and you’re doing the same thing with the masseter muscle right there. If you do that three to five days a week and you’re getting your TMJ adjusted by a corrective chiropractor, you’ll find that that condition will relieve very nicely.

Come see us for TMJ pain relief!

Vital Connection Chiropractic

Our chiropractor office in Fishers, IN, starts with a complete five-part nervous system assessment detailing the exact root cause of your issue. With a comprehensive evaluation, we can determine your exact treatment recommendation.

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