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Stretch for Sciatica Relief in Fishers, IN

Simple Stretch for At Home Sciatica Relief | Chiropractor for Sciatica in Fishers, IN

One of the most common conditions we see in our clinic related to the low back is sciatica, which is where that nerve in the low back will shoot pain down the leg.

Quick Relief for Sciatic Pain

We were just talking about that pain you have down your leg, correct? How far down does it get, all the way down to the foot? Okay, so what happens in the back is there’s a series of nerves that will come out and form a big long nerve called a sciatica, and that sciatic nerve will come down and go all the way down the leg. An easy way for us to assess that is with a full assessment neurological examination, but one of the things you can do at home to really impact this when you can’t get into the clinic right away is an easy stretch on the bed. Now I’m going to demonstrate this stretch if you will, on your back please and put your face up. Then we’re going to show you how to decide that you have the symptom, we will have you turn sideways like you’re on your bed at home. We’re going to take this leg off the bed and just let that leg dangle as far as you can and you feel that stretch on your lower back and that will start to relieve some of the tension. It will not fix the problem, but it will start to get some of the tension off until you can get into our clinic.

Come see us for your full sciatica relief and low back pain consultation!

Vital Connection Chiropractic

Our chiropractor office in Fishers, IN, starts with a complete five-part nervous system assessment detailing the exact root cause of your issue. With a comprehensive evaluation, we can determine your exact treatment recommendation.

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