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How long is each appointment?

Please allow one hour for your initial consultation and testing. Please allow an additional hour for your report of findings on day two.

What are the costs associated with visiting a chiropractor?

The cost associated with corrective care is determined by the patient’s condition and testing as well as their report of findings. Often, a treatment plan is required to restore proper spinal motion and allow for the greatest level of correction. These plans are package care plans, and we offer a variety of choices and options depending on the patient’s needs, goals, and desired speed of correction.

Does the chiropractor accept my insurance?

After your report of findings on day two, where the chiropractor reviews your data and determines if you are a case we can help, they will teach you how to use your insurance or if your insurance is not going to be an effective option.

What is the chiropractor's approach to treatment?

Our approach to treatment is determined by the findings of each individual examination. The goal of treatment is to correct and restore proper spinal alignment as much as possible for each patient’s nervous system to perform at its optimal level.

How does the chiropractor measure progress?

With corrective chiropractic, progress is always measured at the appropriate intervals within the care plan. Different data points are used to assess progress. An example would be X-ray comparisons, thermal technology comparisons, muscle balance comparisons, posture pictures, bilateral balance, range of motion, etc.

Does the chiropractor work with other healthcare providers?

Our team is always open to working with any healthcare provider to maximize each patient’s optimal health. If we are unable to correct the patient’s condition, we have a team of doctors that we trust and will make the appropriate referrals. We are always here to help the patient achieve optimal health, even if it’s not receiving care in our clinic.

What is the chiropractor's approach to patient education?

We believe patient education is vital to achieving optimal wellness. Our office offers a variety of educational workshops to help patients identify lifestyle habits and deficiencies to achieve the greatest outcomes.

What should I expect during my initial examination?

Your initial examination will start with a detailed consultation where we get to know all about you and your entire history. From there, the specific examination will be designed to help uncover the underlying root issue of your condition. Examples of examination data include X-rays when necessary, thermal scanning, muscle balance scanning, heart rate variability scanning, bilateral balance, posture pictures, range of motion studies, etc.

Will the chiropractor discuss a treatment plan during my first appointment?

Treatment recommendations always occur on the second appointment. We believe in a thorough markup of all examination criteria before determining if corrective chiropractic is an effective approach for each patient’s desired health outcome.

Will the chiropractor adjust me during my first appointment?

With rare exceptions, we do not adjust on the first visit.

How long until I can expect to see results from my first appointment?

We desire your second appointment, where we report our examination findings, to occur as quickly as possible. We will do all we can to get you back for the report the next working day. Our ultimate goal is to have this report of findings occur within three working days of the consultation, data, and testing visit (your day one visit).

Will there be any follow-up appointments scheduled after my first appointment?

Immediately after your day one appointment, we will schedule your Report of Findings day two appointment. This is done before you leave the clinic on day one.

Can I bring a family member or friend to my first appointment?

We highly encourage you to bring a family member with you. Having another set of ears and eyes allows for the best history and explanation of our approach to spinal correction.

Will the chiropractor explain the treatment costs before my first appointment?

Before beginning any treatment in our office, the chiropractor and the team will thoroughly outline your cost of care and give you choices for choosing care in our clinic.

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