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Meet The Doctors & Staff

Doctors Dr. Jared Himsel chiropractor in Fishers, IN

Dr. Jared Himsel


After being plagued by allergies for over a decade, Dr. Himsel had a tremendous breakthrough. He visited a chiropractor, and afterward, he was able to smell a rose for the first time. The experience stuck in his mind, and in college, he became fascinated by chiropractic’s holistic approach.

To complete his chiropractic education, Dr. Himsel attended Logan University. While there, he discovered the connection between the chiropractic adjustment he’d received earlier in life and how it aided in his body’s ability to function.

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Doctors Dr. Iman Ghafari chiropractor in Fishers, IN.

Dr. Iman Ghafari


Dr. Iman Ghafari moved to the states with his wife in 2004. He started his undergraduate study in the state of Indiana at IUPUI and earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science. Dr. Ghafari worked in a physical therapy clinic for a few years and always had a passion to help people with their overall well-being. He decided to continue his education at Palmer College of Chiropractic in the State of Florida, earning his doctorate degree in September 2015. He moved back to Indiana, which he calls home.

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Heidi Himsel

Office Manager

Heidi has been working at Vital Connection Chiropractic for 11 years. You will see her in the clinic from time to time helping out where there is a need!  Heidi is married to Dr. Jared Himsel and together they have two children, Andreas and Arlo.  In her spare time, Heidi likes to explore this amazing world with her family.

Chelsea Stuart

New Business Development Director

Chelsea has been a part of the VCC Family for over 10 years now. After taking some time off to raise her family, she decided to officially rejoin the Vital Connection Chiropractic team as the Marketing Director and Social Media Manager. When she has free time you’ll find her at Deer Creek for a concert with her husband and friends, exploring new cities, or reading a book. Chelsea is a big advocate for pediatric chiropractic as each of her children were adjusted by Dr. Himsel 24 hours after their birth!

Jennifer Vaughn

Screening Team Coordinator

As the mother of three healthy, active children, Jennifer is very family oriented, energetic, outgoing, and loves being around people. She enjoys helping keep the community healthy and empowering people with their health.

Linda Stuart

Back Office Manager

Linda is a wife of 42 years to her husband Don and a mother of three children and grandmother to six. She enjoys lots of family time, camping, tennis, and teaching others about chiropractic. Her first chiropractic adjustment was shortly after birth and she has maintained a healthy lifestyle through chiropractic, exercise, and plant based eating!

Hannah Pipes

Check In Chiropractic Assistant

Hannah loves being the first face that patients see when they come into the office.  Outside of work she spends most of her free time in the gym or with her son, Zeke. She lives to help others and create new relationships with those around her!

Makalie Hasley

Technical Chiropractic Assistant

Makalie has been with Vital Connection since July of 2020.  She loves to spend her free time with her family, her dog, and in the gym.  Her nieces and nephews are the best.  She lives to embarrass them.

Millie Monday

Training Coordinator & Substitute Chiropractic Assistant

Millie has been a chiropractic assistant for six years and loves the way it has changed her view on health. Her and her husband live a holistic lifestyle through healthy eating, exercise, and chiropractic care. They just welcomed their first baby into the world and couldn’t be happier!  They enjoy any kind of adventure and always bring their two dogs along for the ride.

Ashley Gann

Checkout Chiropractic Assistant

Ashley is the “Boss of Tomorrow” at Vital Connection Chiropractic! Her goals are to help others reach and achieve their own personal health goals. Outside of the office Ashley likes to go hiking, workout, and spend time with family.

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