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The Worst Exercise For The Back in Fishers, IN

The Worst Exercise For The Back | Chiropractor for Low Back Pain in Fishers, IN

One of the most common questions we get in regards to working out and not hurting your low back is what things to start doing and what things to stop doing inside the gym.

Avoid The Leg Press Machine for Better Low Back Health

I can tell you hands down, the number one thing to stop doing is the leg press machine. The machine where your body is literally laying this way in an inverted position, and you’re pushing weight out in a way. What happens when you’re doing the leg press machine is there’s spongy tissue between your vertebra called the disc and those spinal discs will start to bold and rupture from the pressure at that angle. Now a hack squat or a really good squat is fine, but the leg press machine is going to cause that disk to load. And the first motion is actually with the back to push the weight up, not the legs and what you’ll see are low back injuries that can turn into sciatica, bulges or even ruptured disc on the spot.

So take out your leg press machine, spare your low back, and you’ll be very happy with your gym and the longevity and the years you can spend inside the gym.

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