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Natural Neck Pain Relief in Fishers, IN

A Natural Approach To Neck Pain Relief | Chiropractor for Neck Pain in Fishers, IN

One of the most common symptoms in our office is neck pain that has radicular pain or shooting pain down the arms.

Radicular Pain

So when we were just talking a moment ago, we talked about you having neck pain, and it got into your hands did it get into all of the fingers or just the inner to this one? Okay, so the inner two. Now that’s very common, what happens in the neck, if you may turn around please? The neck, there are vertebra that line up along the neck and there’s nerves that come out and the nerves will typically go down the arm. Some of the nerves go up into the face, and the ones that typically get into the hands are the ones that are at the base of the neck, the very simple condition where the spine shifts out called a subluxation. If you diagnose it correctly, and you adjust it, then that radicular pain will go away. Many patients walk in thinking they have to have a spinal surgery, a simple adjustment, and that radicular pain is gone.

Vital Connection Chiropractic

Our chiropractor office in Fishers, IN, starts with a complete five-part nervous system assessment detailing the exact root cause of your issue. With a comprehensive evaluation, we can determine your exact treatment recommendation.

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